Meet our Hybrid Workforce

Our Work@Home Agents are 100% U.S based. Equipped with secure and Omnichannel capabilities.

Real-time Performance Assurance

A Virtual and Connected Contact Center

With team members in nearly every state, our network of customer service representatives and brand specialists are available to serve your customers 24/7. We provide the infrastructure, technology, and people to ensure quality support for any industry.

A Talent Pool pulled from the best

A Talent Pool pulled from the best

Fewer than 5% of applicants make it through our rigorous process, which emphasizes problem-solving abilities and empathetic nature. The talents best suited to resolving customer issues.

Geographic resilience

Bringing great jobs to great people, no matter where they’re located

Our Talent pool is a dispersed, fully remote and flexible outsourced workforce. They’re ready to tackle your service issues and offer top-notch resolutions at any time across all digital channels.


People First

With some of the lowest attrition and highest referral rates in the BPO industry, we provide the best people, programs, processes, and work spaces to give you unquestionable results and value.

An AI Assistant for each agent

Human conversations become more efficient and meaningful when bots pick up mundane, repetitive tasks, offer 24/7 support, and make insightful recommendations that free-up agents to handle complex conversations. Combining the best of what humans and technology have to offer can maximize business impact.

Full Visibility

Every InflectionCX client has full visibility into the performance of program and Customer Experience metrics. This includes real-time access into KPIs, conversational intelligence, and automation success rates.

Performance Assurance for Every Interaction

Most outsources only monitor an agent a couple of times a week or month, or select a small percentage of calls for review (typically less than 4% of calls).

Using our "Always On" Quality Assurance platform, every interaction is automatically monitored and problematic calls are surfaced for review by a quality specialist.

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