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Inflection |ɪnˈflekʃn| — departure from a normal or straight course.

"Most BPOs are averse to deploying Artificial Intelligence and emerging technology that they either don’t understand or that may reduce the number of live agents needed to service calls. We believe there is a better way."

Chris Crosby
Chris Crosby, Founder and CEO InflectionCX
our vision

Our Vision

InflectionCX brings together decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver modern Customer Experiences. We leverage the latest in digital and AI technologies coupled with our global workforce to create the world's most amazing customer experiences.

Customer Experience Transformed

A holistic approach to the customer service journey that maximizes brand engagement and satisfaction while minimizing costs.

Transformative Results

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Automated 76% of order status calls for an Ecommerce company using Intelligent Virtual Agents

Reduced average handle time (AHT) by 33% on voice calls by empowering our agents with AI Assistants

100% Call Monitoring and Performance Assurance using AI based Agent monitoring and Quality Control

Drove 84% call deflection to local stores using Google Business Messaging and chat for retail client

Intelligent Virtual Agents

+ Live Agents

= Customer Wow

Combining the best of what humans and technology have to offer can maximize business impact.

Human conversations are more efficient and relevant as Intelligent Virtual Agents handle mundane, repetitive tasks, offering 24/7 support, and making insightful recommendations thus freeing up agents to handle complex conversations.

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A 100% Remote, Global Workforce

A 100% Remote, Global Workforce

Our global team of agents has been 100% remote from day one – meaning they are equipped to offer unparalleled support to customers across all geographies. We maintain availability and performance standards so you never have gaps in your service.

Fast Training & Onboarding

Fast Training & Onboarding

We onboard agents faster and more effectively using our propriety Learning Management System (LMS) and our AI Agent Assistants to scale your support, quickly. We can provide you a world-class team without waiting weeks or months before delivering quality support and results to your customers.

Real-time Performance Assurance

Real-time Performance Assurance

The world’s best businesses need access to data & insights to provide world-class support across all their channels. Everything we do is data-drive to optimize every interaction and drive unique value for your customers. And best of all, you have real-time access to all of it.

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