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BI with an IQ
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InflectionCX’s AI experience platform helps you exceed customer expectations with consistent, high-quality service. With every engagement, we provide the tools and real-time data needed to increase visibility and transparency for an intelligent customer experience.

BI with an IQ

BI with an IQ

From frontline supervisors to executive leadership, reporting is the lifeblood of call center operations and the window into Customer Experience. That’s why we run our operations with AI derived insights powered by Specta, Xaqt’s CX Intelligence platform. Every InflectionCX client is provided access to Spectra for full visibility and transparency into our CX operations.

Our customer experience platform not only makes our agents smarter and more capable, it makes you so too. Spectra analyzes every interaction so you can spot trends, solve common CX pain points and consistently optimize your offering. Spectra also provides real time visibility into agent performance and operational awareness.

Real-time visibility into performance

Real-time visibility into performance



Inference Engine


Spectra is the most advanced contact center analytics platform ever built. Using AI and Machine learning at every part of the process, customer experience organizations can now realize the benefits of unprecedented insights and ease of use.

Spectra automatically monitors agents’ performance to continually improve the quality of their interactions in real-time. These data-driven insights are then fed back into the platform creating continuous improvement for every aspect of your customer experience and operations.

Conversational Experience Analytics

Every interaction with a customer or prospect should create data that helps you build a relationship. Having access to actionable insights from this data ensures we rapidly create and deploy new strategies that better serve your customers.

Capturing the right KPIs and CX metrics is critical for Intelligent Virtual Assistants to move from being a stopgap for cost savings or absorbing call spikes to becoming a strategic organizational asset that customers want to interact with. Most bot or IVA platforms work as a blackbox and make it difficult to measure their actual performance. You wouldn't put an agent on the phone to handle customer interactions without the ability to measure their performance, why would you trust a bot to handle customer interactions without measuring its performance?

With Spectra, you have access to Key Performance Indicators from our IVA interactions along with access to full transcriptions.

Insights from every customer interaction

Our contact center technology helps you learn about your business through the voice of your customers. In today's multi-channel environments, the idea of harmonizing speech, web interactions, social media, email, online conversations, and customer surveys can be overwhelming. We removed that complexity by creating a robust platform that integrates these interactions quickly and effectively.

Insights from every customer interaction

Always On QA

With Kaizen, 100% of live agent and IVA interactions are analyzed for potential quality impacting events. Our Kaizen (continuous improvement) software surfaces opportunities for agent development by analyzing key call indicators such as: agent hold time, handle time distributions and deviations, call transfers and escalations.

Kaizen also uses our proprietary speech-to-text engine

Kaizen also uses our proprietary speech-to-text engine and groundbreaking natural language processing to monitor every call for scripting compliance, customer impacting trends, identifying agent best practices, customer sentiment, and long periods of silence that could indicate product knowledge gaps. In this manner, we ensure that all agents receive the proper training and coaching they need to deliver superior customer service.

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