The InflectionCX Model

Customer experience is the new battleground of business. Customers now choose who to do business with based on their complete experience with a brand, including the service they receive.

A new model for a new day

A holistic approach to the customer service journey that maximizes engagement and satisfaction while minimizing costs.

A new model for a new day

A combination of people, technology and uncommon insights allows you to offer the highest quality service across voice and all of your digital channels.

The how of InflectionCX

Engaging InflectionCX means embracing a whole new approach to customer support. One purpose-built to scale your capabilities to meet the needs of the modern Customer.

Traditional BPOs and Outsourcers

Traditional BPOs lack the incentive and capabilities to deliver AI power Customers Experiences that actually reduce staffing requirements and save you money.


Unlike traditional outsourcers, we combine people, technology, and insights to transform CX from a cost center into a revenue-driving business advantage. We deliver the World's Most Amazing Customer Experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Adaptable Staffing Models

With InflectionCX, you always have the perfect capacity for the number of interactions you’re receiving. We use machine learning based staffing models coupled with our virtual team of uniquely talented specialists (based in the United States) to ensure that you’re never overstaffed during slow periods nor understaffed during surges. Now, every customer always gets a fast and superior response.

AI Infused Experiences and Operations

We bring the best of traditional call center management and infuse every aspect of it with machine learning and automation that introduces new efficiencies for both our agents and your customers.

Actionable Insights

Now you can understand every word your customers are saying. We not only use AI to ensure and scale our quality of service, but also to provide you with a new level of insights into your customers and their pain points.

Combining people, tech, and insights to power world class CX

Combining people, tech, and insights to power world class Customer Experience

Exceed Expectations

The traditional CX model: fixed staffing, inflexible scheduling, costly training and constant turnover, forces you to make costly compromises that lead to deflection and neglect of your customers. So we challenged the status quo and changed the paradigm. Now you can exceed expectations while reducing cost.

Engage across all touchpoints

The modern customer, like the digital economy, is always on and wants what they want, when they want it in the manner of their choosing. The traditional CX model would force you to leave them hanging, but with NOW CX you’ll be able to give rapid responses and exceptional service across all your digital and social channels.

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